Unveiling the Secrets to Property Investing Success

Unveiling the Secrets to Property Investing Success

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In the bustling world of property investment, one name stands out among the crowd, TJ Atkinson. With an impressive portfolio of Buy To Let and Commercial properties in the vibrant landscapes of London and Kent, TJ has established himself as a prominent Property Investor and Entrepreneur.


However, his expertise extends beyond mere ownership and management. TJ has also carved a niche in Rent to Rent Serviced Accommodation, utilising it as a foundational strategy and imparting his knowledge through coaching and mentoring to aspiring investors.


Black Business Magazine proudly welcomes TJ Atkinson as a regular contributor to our publication. With his exceptional knowledge, unwavering dedication, and remarkable track record, TJ will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective and invaluable insights to our readership. His expertise in property investing and wealth creation will serve as a guiding light for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike.


TJ’s collaboration with Black Business Magazine signifies a shared commitment to fostering success, empowerment, and economic growth within underrepresented communities. By featuring his expertise regularly, we aim to provide our readers with practical strategies, expert advice, and inspiration to navigate the everevolving world of property investment.


A true visionary, TJ actively collaborates with both beginner and experienced investors, relentlessly seeking opportunities to devise strategies that maximise profits. Drawing from his vast experience and unparalleled insights, he offers an intensive training and mentoring program. The glowing reviews and excellent success rates among his students serve as a testament to his exceptional training style and unwavering dedication to their prosperity.


Recognised as an influential figure in property and wealth creation, TJ Atkinson is frequently in high demand as a speaker. He spearheads the renowned ‘Breakthrough Property Events’, captivating audiences with his profound knowledge and empowering discourse. Furthermore, TJ has added “best-selling Amazon author” to his repertoire with his book ‘The Borrowed Property Strategy: How Anyone Can Earn An Income From Other People’s Property’. Available for order on Amazon, this literary gem unveils TJ’s invaluable insights and strategies for all aspiring investors.


His expertise has gained recognition on various platforms, including being a regular contributor on BBC television, where he shares his insights and discusses property investing and related topics. TJ’s appearances provide a valuable opportunity for viewers to learn from his experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the property market.


TJ’s impact extends beyond television, as he has also been featured in renowned publications such as The Voice Newspaper and Metro. These platforms recognise the value and expertise he brings to the table, seeking his insights on property investing and featuring his expertise for their readership. In addition to his media appearances, TJ Atkinson has proven himself a prolific author, with five books to his name. His works span the genres of self-development and property, catering to a wide range of readers interested in personal growth and the intricacies of property investment. TJ’s books serve as invaluable resources, offering practical advice, strategies, and inspiration to those seeking success in both personal and professional spheres.


Beyond his professional endeavours, TJ Atkinson finds solace in giving back to his community. He dedicates his spare time to coaching young entrepreneurs, nurturing their potential and guiding them towards success. When he’s not busy shaping the future of aspiring property entrepreneurs, he indulges in his love for travel and immerses himself in gripping crime thrillers.


Tell us about yourself and what led you to become a property entrepreneur. Was this something that you’ve always wanted to do?

I fell into property investing after a failed business. I was introduced to it by a cousin hanging around some Asian kids whose parents had 20- plus properties. Their father would later take me under his wing and give me my first opportunity in property investing. This sparked a huge interest in acquiring and managing property. This is one of the reasons I love sharing property ideas and opportunities with others. If this man did not take some time to give me a chance, I wouldn’t be where I am now, where I own multiple properties and purchase numerous properties yearly.

I grew up in a council estate in South East London. The 2-bed flat was full of mould. I hated anything and everything to do with property as I always thought landlords or anyone that owned property were evil and uncaring. It’s fascinating how things have come full circle, and I’m creating beautiful homes for people to love and enjoy.


What are some of the key considerations someone needs to think about when they make the decision they want to get into the property business?

Never buy a property because it looks good. Always look at property as an investment, even if it is residential. You are likely to win if the property is bought right, in the right location, at the right price and underlying strategy. Property is one of the only investments with the opportunity to pay the owner thrice. Imagine one investment paying you three times. Let me explain. If you buy a property, you get rental income.

That is number one; secondly, if you buy a property at the right price and location, the value increases. Then you can refinance the property and take out some equity, which you can use as a deposit for another property. Lastly, property bought correctly can be used as collateral to raise money/funds to acquire more assets. Buy right, at the right price, location and underlying strategy. It’s important to note that there are nine different ways to get into property and a strategy for everyone regardless of credit, circumstance or income.


What are some of the key topics you will be sharing with our audience in future editions?

In future editions, I will be sharing a wealth of key topics with your audience, aimed at equipping them with the necessary knowledge and strategies to thrive in property investing. I will explore the diverse ways to get into property investing, encompassing nine strategies individuals can employ to enter the market successfully. Additionally, I will delve into the intricacies of raising funds from investors, enabling readers to secure the necessary financial backing for their ventures. Furthermore, I will shed light on purchasing multiple properties each year, offering insights into effective portfolio expansion. Moreover, I will discuss how friends can pool their resources to acquire assets collectively, fostering collaboration and opening doors to new investment opportunities. Lastly, I will delve into building generational wealth through property, providing valuable guidance on strategies to create a lasting legacy for future generations.


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