Candice Brathwaite announced as the cover star of the Black Business Magazine's ‘Women of Influence’ anniversary edition

Self-made creative entrepreneur, Sunday Times bestselling author, TV presenter, journalist, podcaster, and speaker Candice Brathwaite has been announced as the upcoming front cover of the ‘Women of Influence’ Anniversary Edition, which will be unveiled on Friday 19th July at the prestigious anniversary gala at the Grand Hotel Birmingham.

This edition celebrates Black women and will feature only women as part of this first birthday issue.

One of the most significant challenges Black female entrepreneurs face in business is the pervasive stereotypes, bias and inequalities that exist in our society. Whilst this can hinder their ability to secure funding, attract customers, have access to markets, secure finance, and build relationships, Black women face the additional challenges, discrimination and bias that negatively impact them because of gender inequalities.

As a part of the magazine’s ongoing commitment to highlighting the contributions of Black entrepreneurs, this campaign aims to showcase those incredible female trailblazers who are making a significant impact in their industries. 

At the heart of the ‘Women of Influence’ campaign is a deep belief in the power of diversity, inclusion and the advocacy of and for Black women.  Black female entrepreneurs bring unique perspectives, insights, and talents to the business world, and providing them with a platform to thrive and succeed is essential.

“Candice embodies incredible business acumen and an unwavering dedication to advocating for Black women. Candice has managed to build a brand that showcases her strategic leadership skills and innovative approach to entrepreneurship, which has seen her rise as one of the most influential leaders of this generation. Alongside her business success, Brathwaite also uses her platform to champion the rights and representation of Black women, striving to bring positive change in the community." 

Justice Williams MBE (Editor in Chief, Black Business Magazine)

This campaign will serve as a catalyst for collaboration, networking, and empowerment, fostering an environment where Black-owned businesses can thrive and make a lasting impact.

The gala will consist of a three-course meal, world-class entertainment, the unveiling of the cover and a special surprise for the guests in attendance. The magazine celebrates its first year in July. It will use the gala to mark its incredible success over the last 12 months by highlighting success stories, providing valuable insights and resources, and fostering connections between entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders. 

You can purchase tickets to attend the Gala here.

The Grand Ballroom, Grand Hotel Birmingham on Friday 19th July 7:00pm until late.