Networking Spotlight: The Gen Z Club

Networking Spotlight: The Gen Z Club

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The Gen Z Club was founded in 2021 by Austin Okolo, Denzil Jones and Poku Banks. The aim was to address the lack of resources available to future leaders and founders. Starting from Clubhouse, the organisation has grown into a national hub of opportunities for Gen Z individuals with tens of thousands of people engaged across various platforms.


In addition, the Gen Z Club serves as a bridge between corporations and Gen Z and has received awards such as ranking in the EB100 (Ranked Top 100 for small-medium sized enterprises in the UK For 2023) and was a finalist in the 2022 British Business Excellence Awards.


Co-founders Denzil and Poku grew up locally and knew each whilst Austin and Denzil met online through social media. The Gen Z Club believes that community is essential when building a business because it creates a support system for growth. By fostering a community, individuals can share knowledge, ideas, and experiences, leading to personal and professional development. The Gen Z Club aims to become the hub of opportunities where Gen Z individuals can find inspiration, network, and grow, supporting them throughout their academic, entrepreneurial, and social lives.


They have worked with various brands, corporations, and organisations such as Savills, Lloyds Bank, Barclays, the University of Sussex, and Loughborough University. These partnerships typically include collaboration, mentorship, and support in different forms to provide opportunities and resources to the Gen Z community. Over the next 12-18 months, you can expect The Gen Z Club to expand its offerings. This may include the development of digital products, larger events, a growing community, and the organisation of international events.


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