Meet The Team

Co-Founder and CEO, Dr Tru Powell and Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, Justice Williams MBE
Dr Tru Powell: I started the magazine because I wanted my kids to receive a magazine that celebrates, champions and spotlights entrepreneurs who look like them. Representation isimportant, especially for children in their formative years; therefore, I want to make our mission to create something where they will see themselves in business and highlight all possibilities.
Starting the magazine was something I felt passionate about. I have extensive media knowledge and a great network of entrepreneurs and business leaders. I can use this magazine to bring everyone together and share positive stories. I am a multi-award-winning personal brand expert and creative entrepreneur.
I have over 15 years of experience in enterprise, the arts and events, and I am passionate about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs to get visible and build their brands. Black Business Magazine represents more than just a publication; it is a movement, a force for change, and a catalyst for empowerment. We are committed to reshaping the business landscape, empowering individuals and communities, and creating a future where their brilliance is recognised and celebrated. Connect with Tru on Instagram
Justice Williams MBE: I’m the proud co-founder of two kids and a multi-award-winning personal brand expert & business strategist for female entrepreneurs and CEOs. I have worked with over 3000 clients forover two decades in enterprise support, the creative industries, property and social entrepreneurship. Black Business Magazine is rooted in my personal experiences, my passion for diversity and economic empowerment, and my unwavering belief in the brilliance of Black business. 
Having previously served as the Editor-in-Chief of a print magazine 15 years ago, I witnessed firsthand the power of media in amplifying marginalised voices. That publication was a youth brand, and it was a very steep learning curve in the publishing world. During the past decade, I became increasingly aware of the underrepresentation and lack of recognition for the achievements of Black entrepreneurs in the mainstream media and the disparity in access to finance, information and opportunity. I wanted to create a space that showcased Black excellence and offered practical insights, resources, and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals. 
As a mother of two, I am keenly aware of women’s challenges in balancing their entrepreneurial dreams and personal responsibilities. I am passionate about the magazine and providing them with the tools, visibility, and support they need to thrive and succeed. 
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